We are a specialist data solution company providing the unique Horizon software tool that allows organisations to manage their data quality, governance and migration programmes. Also providing tailored mobilisation services for implementation and training, to rapidly accelerate and improve the accuracy of project delivery. 

A key focus for us is simplification; providing easy to use products and a straight-forward support service that allows customers to embed the software seamlessly into the organisation without the need for complex, costly and lengthy processes. 

A powerful business-focused solution, our software provides the user both a comprehensive, detailed view of their data as well as high-level dashboards that quantify the financial implications of results so they can make accurately informed business decisions. 

Our Vision

To build global market-leading software, disrupt the current data governance & data quality market, create business driven solutions and to shorten data transformation programs from years to weeks.



Our Mission

To provide the tools and expertise that allow large organisations to unlock the potential of their data, so that they can make better business decisions.


Our Values

WE SIMPLIFY the hugely complex world of data by using straight-forward language, providing the clarity you need to drive your organisation forward.

WE DELIVER on our promise of high quality outputs at pace with our own unique software and specialist knowledge.

WE CARE about solving our customers’ problems and creating easy to use products that are designed to seamlessly integrate into your organisation, as well as taking care of our employees and the world around us.