Corporate and Social Responsibility

IntoZetta are committed to the values of responsible corporate governance. We believe in caring for our people, behaving ethically, doing business fairly, protecting our environment and supporting worthy causes.

Caring For Our People

Our people are our biggest asset and we ensure all are treated with equal respect. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of employee care and respect for employee rights. We respect and encourage diversity within the organisation and are focused on helping our people improve in and out of the office.

We pride ourselves on our approach to employee well-being. As well as offering free water, tea and coffee, we offer free fruit to all staff throughout the working day. In addition, we have a flexible approach to personal issues, allowing our people to take the time they need should something arise out of the office.

Behaving Ethically

We are committed to doing business with integrity – including compliance with anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation. We will not compromise our adherence to high ethical standards in any of our activities and expect the same from our suppliers.

Doing Business Fairly

IntoZetta are committed to ensuring all staff are paid at least the UK National Living Wage. We believe in equal pay for equal work and actively ensure no employees are disadvantaged due to protected characteristics.

Environmental Leadership

IntoZetta recognise our environment needs protection from all citizens. We are committed to maintaining a minimal carbon footprint, and actively consider this in our operations. Over 50% of our staff regularly commute to the office using public transport, and public transport is also the first choice for client visits. We use online tools to reduce face to face meetings, are provide client support remotely wherever possible.

Supporting Worthy Causes

IntoZetta believe in the power of charity and goodwill. We support local charities with regular donations and sponsorships to ensure our continued success is shared with those who need it most.