Ensuring a smooth system implementation

Data migration can prove to be the most difficult part of a system implementation, and it is a common cause of missed timescales, delayed go-live, and even an unsuccessful deployment. 

The IntoZetta data migration method will help to simplify the most complex of projects through a series of clearly defined sequential milestones. IntoZetta will define the key migration phases, define the migration roles and responsibilities, and ensure alignment of all related programme activities to ensure a smooth data migration is achieved. IntoZetta is a data migration specialist with proven success across complex data migration projects, including global implementations. Our latest undertaking is an ongoing, large-scale data migration project at a defence manufacturer. 

Initially, IntoZetta were only contracted for the Extraction phase of the overall data migration project, and not engaged to be involved with the Load phase. However due the successful performance of our unique Horizon Migration software and the expertise of our consultants, our services within the project have been extended and we have now assumed responsibility for the creation and remediation of most of the load mechanisms. We have been able to save the business time and expense during this phase by utilising our Transformation routines to correct a large amount of data in-flight, instead of manually. 

As an example of the success of our methodology, we found that one single data rule had been identified with over 55,000 errors. Under the assumption that it takes 30 seconds to manually correct an error, our fix-in-flight methodology saved 465 hours, or almost 60 working days, of labour for a single rule correction. We have completed many of these corrections throughout the process.

As well as managing tailored data migration services, we can supply your organisation with Horizon Migration, our powerful data migration software. To learn more, click here.

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