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In addition to our Data Quality and Data Profiling modules, IntoZetta’s Data Migration platform has a wealth of powerful tools and features to facilitate a successful migration project.

Data Security

Our platform has been designed to be the central repository of all your data migration activity. It includes tightly controlled user access and authorisations.

To further protect data security within the platform, data is encrypted and segmented into clearly defined groups.

Data Extraction

We’ve developed a large number of tools to enable data to be automatically extracted from legacy applications, systems, and databases.

Our extraction tools are automated to an agreed schedule, so they can be sequenced and executed without manual intervention.

Data Mapping

Our Mapping module ensures consistent, precise, and accurate source-to-target mapping from a range of disparate legacy applications to your new business application.

Our software can be used to prepare and deliver mapping workshops and to agree on mappings with process owners.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing can be a resource-intensive activity. Our software enables data quality issues to be easily categorised, prioritised, and assigned to the correct teams or individuals.

Viewing error lists with contextual and related data helps identify the source of data errors faster and more accurately.

Data Transformation

Our software can perform complex functions, such as remembering identifiers, converting data types, splitting and combining data, and converting data value from old codes to new codes.

It can also enable multiple conversion rules to be applied to the same data where certain conditions are satisfied.

Data Obfuscation

Personal data must not be used for system or user-testing as this could result in data loss or policy breaches.

Our software enables you to disguise personal data and ensure it is completely anonymised, while remaining consistent, legible, and usable for key testing activities.

Data Loading

We help you avoid data corruption issues and warranty breaches that would render your new application unsupported by the software provider.

Our software will ensure your data is delivered in the correct format as required by all standard data uploaders.

Data Reconciliation

Manually checking data has been loaded correctly can delay your project and lead to critical data errors being missed.

Our automated data reconciliation tool quickly proves your migration has worked as expected – reducing the burden on your team at a critical time and accelerating the validation and sign-off of data.

“Intozetta provided exceptional expertise, both in terms of resources and tools, to enable a successful and complex data migration on one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics implementations in Europe. The IntoZetta team kept in touch regularly with just the right level of governance and oversight to ensure the team delivered a successful outcome. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future.”

Chris Lalley – Programme Director – Clarion Housing Group

“The Simplify Submarines project faced major challenges with data cleansing, migration and on-going quality. The IntoZetta toolset provided a single solution which allowed us to deliver the project successfully and leave the business armed with great data quality tools moving forward.”

Mark Askew, Project Director at Rolls-Royce
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