IntoZetta Data Profiling

Deep dive into your data

Kick-start your data project by gaining a rapid and comprehensive view of all your information assets.

Uncover your hidden data issues

Using the latest in AI and machine learning, our powerful software goes beyond a traditional profile and opens a window onto your data’s structure and form.

Control Panel

Enjoy full user control with our intuitive interface.

Metadata Catalogue

Includes table and column-level information.

Profiling Dashboards

Data visualisations are easy to interpret.

Full Table Profiles

Percentage population, null count, distinct values & more.

Full Column Profile

Value counts, data types, min/max values & more.

Advanced Outlier Detection

Meaningful confidence scores back up errors found.

“When the Simplify Submarines project looked for a partner for our data workstream we needed rapid deployment, agility to address issues arising as we profiled our data, and of course quality. We found all these qualities in the IntoZetta offer, which was an important factor in the successful delivery of the project and its benefits.”

Mark Askew, Project Manager at Rolls-Royce
Data Consultants

Maximising insight and the return on your investment

Our technical experts will help you pinpoint the key systems and tables you need to profile. Using our powerful algorithms to scan tables and columns, we’ll unveil your data’s in-depth characteristics and highlight issues that might otherwise remain hidden.

We’ll zero in on data that doesn’t belong and help you build an improvement plan. So you arrive at data that’s capable of supporting your organisation’s needs.

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Detailed profiling allows you to quickly identify and catalogue your data assets

Automatic anomaly detection helps you find and remove the outliers in your data

Define your roles and set the expectations

Easily manage user access across even the most complex environments

Control permissions to ensure people see and do what they should

See it all in context, from any perspective

Deep dive into any category in a click

Data Discovery made simple. The data navigator allows anyone to visualise the entire metadata model.

IntoZetta software

Make better business decisions with data you can trust.

Data Quality

Understand the impact of poor data on your business.

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Data Governance

Find, track and manage data across your organisation

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Unearth your data’s secrets

IntoZetta Data Profiling gives you the insight you need for your transformational data project, whether that’s data quality assessment, data cleansing, or data migration.