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In addition to supplying Horizon Quality, our unique data quality software and part of the Horizon Data Suite, IntoZetta can undertake and manage tailored data quality solutions within your organisation. IntoZetta has a unique methodology that has been developed over many years working on data initiatives with some of the UK's largest organisations.

Our approach brings clarity and measurement to data quality issues, allowing leaders to fully understand the root-causes and impact of poor data, and the changes that need to be implemented to provide an enduring solution.


IntoZetta can undertake an initial tactical data quality assessment or design an end to end data quality remediation strategy. Our suite of data quality reporting tools and dashboards will lift the lid on ingrained data quality issues, allowing operational teams to understand, analyse, and report on data quality. Detailed reports can be generated in seconds to show the organisations current data quality holistically, or at a very detailed level for a particular data area. The IntoZetta reporting tools can provide a snapshot of data quality, but they also have the ability to show trends in quality and data cleansing over time, and track overall progress toward a healthy data environment. Below is a video demonstration of our unique data quality reporting software.

Data Cleansing

There are often several complex factors contributing simultaneously to data quality issues, and these factors can vary greatly, and be very difficult to define, measure, and ultimately fix. IntoZetta has the experience to quickly analyse each uniquely complex client environment, and build a cleansing strategy that is logical, structured, and delivery focussed. The IntoZetta cleansing optimisation tool allows us to jointly develop a cleansing plan that focusses on your priorities, delivers tangible results quickly, and makes the best use of the cleansing resources available.

Data Enrichment

IntoZetta can help you to pinpoint gaps in your current data landscape, identify targeted enhancement areas, and potential partners that can overlay your existing data with demographic, behavioural or transactional information.

In addition to creating and managing tailored data quality solutions, IntoZetta can supply your organisation with Horizon Quality, our unique and powerful data quality software. To learn more, click here.

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