Data Organisation Design & Deployment

The creation of a dedicated data team is an important step in the delivery of an effective data strategy. A correctly designed and deployed data organisation will deliver tremendous value through ensuring that the right data is managed and stored, the quality and accuracy of data is maintained over time, and data management, data protection, and data governance policies are correctly enforced. IntoZetta has designed and deployed data functions, and recruited interim and permanent data teams for some of the largest organisations in the UK.

Data Project Team Assembly & Leadership

Data is a key workstream in the vast majority of technology related projects because data is the life blood of most organisations. IntoZetta has many years of experience building data workstreams, designing data remediation or enhancement strategies, and ensuring that project benefits are supported and delivered from a data perspective. We enjoy engaging early in a project to ensure that data issues are given due consideration, but we are often called in to help recover failing projects where data has been kicked into the long grass and neglected during the initial stages of the project.

Data Toolset Selection

The market is flooded with data tools from large and small vendors, and many of these tools appear to make similar claims and deliver similar overall benefits. IntoZetta can help you to understand what tools your organisation truly needs, and which tools would effectively be a waste of time and money. In the world of data, one size does not fit all, so we often find ourselves recommending solutions with an overall saving compared to the current client environment.


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