IntoZetta Data Governance as a Service

Designing and implementing data governance best practice

Your dedicated Data Consultant will help you map your entire data landscape in forensic detail, develop data policies and procedures, and identify and agree on data ownership.

Framework Design

Data governance that’s fit for purpose

We’ll help you create a clear map of data roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. So you can ensure your data remains governed in line with international standards and industry-wide best practice.

Strategy Design

Bringing people on board

Get others in your organisation to see the benefits of a well-governed data estate. We’ll give you a clear step-by-step guide to implementing data governance so you can secure widespread buy-in across your organisation.

“We have been working with IntoZetta since late 2018 in the support of our SAP implementation and now subsequently with our ongoing aims to maintain and improve data quality and implement a full governance regime.
We have been impressed with IntoZetta’s level of engagement, enthusiasm and skills and this is not surprising when you consider the experience of the directors and staff of the organisation.”

Simon Smart, Head of Data Governance at Exertis UK & I
How it Works

Data governance support for as long as you need

We offer a range of support packages, from the lightest of touches right through to hands-on project delivery. 

Once you’ve chosen your bespoke support package, we can have it up and running within a matter of days.

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Recent Projects

Quality service leads to quality results

Our talented Data Consultants are experienced in delivering a variety of data governance programmes across multiple sectors.

Recent projects have included helping Wessex Water, Exertis, the University of Leeds, and the University of Exeter to design and implement data governance best practice.

Our other support packages

Cost-effective consultancy and expert project delivery.

Data Quality as a Service

We help you master your specific data quality challenges.

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Data Migration as a Service

Keep your data migration programme on track and within budget.

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Proof of Concept

Let us show you what we can do

We understand choosing a project delivery partner is not an everyday decision. It takes time and you want to get it right. That’s why we offer you the option of a budget-friendly proof of concept.

We’ll get to know your business while you can see the value we bring, and enjoy a free trial of our software.

Standardise your business vocabulary with extensive dictionary functionality

Bring together the logical and physical and identify your preferred sources

Trust your data by understanding how it is validated

Define your roles and set the expectations

Easily manage user access across even the most complex environments

Control permissions to ensure people see and do what they should

See it all in context, from any perspective

Deep dive into any category in a click

Data Discovery made simple. The data navigator allows anyone to visualise the entire metadata model.

IntoZetta software

Make better business decisions with data you can trust.

Data Quality

Understand the impact of poor data on your business.

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Data Governance

Find, track and manage data across your organisation.

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Data Profiling

Gain deep insight into your information assets.

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Start trusting your data today

We help you spend less time reacting to problems and more time improving business processes.