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take Control OF your data

Horizon Governance from IntoZetta is a comprehensive and highly-configurable data governance software tool which allows organisations to find, understand and trust their data across numerous systems. Poor data governance costs companies an average of 12% of their annual revenue, but with IntoZetta’s Horizon Governance, you can take complete control of your organisation’s data landscape and minimise wastage of resources.

Key features of the software include:

  • A single repository for holistic control over all aspects of your organisation’s data dictionary, lineage, quality, policies and more

  • 360 degree data management, streamlining the organisation of data tasks and procedures, and creating a greater awareness and comprehension of any data environment

  • Complete understanding of the lifecycle of your organisation’s data and visualisation of data lineage through intuitive data flow charts, highlighting the flow from where the data is mastered to each individual system it travels through

  • Total configurability and alignment to your organisation’s system landscape

  • Detailed business definitions, including a data glossary, data attributes and formats, risk and security requirements and data standards

  • Designate and customise data ownership aligned to internal hierarchical structures

  • Attribute roles and tasks to data owners and record the progression, priority and status of such tasks with intuitive and comprehensive customisation

  • Delegate and assign sub-tasks to other users, with full descriptions of the steps involved and the capability to track deadlines and job statuses

  • Data Subject Request portal which allows you to record and track the progress of the various types of information requests the GDPR allows data subjects to make

  • Storage facility for data policies, allowing you to upload documents or attach URL links, and record information such as version updates and detailed editing history

  • An Events portal for the recording and tracking of any occurrences which could affect the security of the data environment, e.g. data breaches

  • Easy implementation with our mass data upload capability, allowing you to effortlessly transfer massive amount of information to Horizon Governance within minutes

  • Excel compatibility and configuration options for other programs that may be in use by your organisation

  • Available for on-site deployment or as a cloud-based software suite

  • Compatibility with smartphones and tablets




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