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IntoZetta is a data migration specialist with proven success across large-scale data migration projects, including global implementations.

Data migration can prove to be the most difficult part of a system implementation, and it is a common cause of missed timescales, delayed go-live, and even an unsuccessful deployment. However, the IntoZetta Data Migration Software will help to simplify the most complex of projects.

Horizon Migration has taken centre stage throughout our latest undertaking - an ongoing, large-scale data migration project at Rolls-Royce.  During the Extraction phase of the project, Data Extractor Tool, which takes less than 2 hours to transfer a total volume of 67 million records within 115 SAP tables over to the IntoZetta server. The success of Horizon Migration means that the Data Leads and Super Users within the company are always working with accurate and up-to-date information. 

Initially, IntoZetta were only contracted for the Extraction phase of the overall project, and not engaged to be involved with the Load phase. However due the successful performance of the Software, as well as the expertise of our consultants, our services within the project have been extended and we have now assumed responsibility for the creation and remediation of most of the load mechanisms.

Below are a selection of comments that we have received from Rolls-Royce Data Leads regarding the success and value of IntoZetta’s Data Suite and contribution to the project:

“The IntoZetta Toolset has been invaluable during the project phase”

“The IntoZetta team members are very capable and professional, and totally embedded within the project”

“From a user perspective, the IntoZetta Tool is robust and has excellent response time”

“The Tool is intuitive, logical and easy to use”

“Post go-live, the IntoZetta Tool will enable ongoing data quality governance to ensure operational process performance”

To read more about our project at Rolls-Royce, click here.

In addition to supplying our software, IntoZetta can undertake and manage tailored data migration solutions within your organisation. To learn more, click here .

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