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Data should be an organisational asset which can be relied upon to make important decisions and conclusions regarding various aspects of any business or organisation, including its performance, growth and future direction. Having a trustworthy source of quality data can directly lead to increasing sales and revenue, improving customer relationships and reputation, and minimising time-wastage on manual processes through easier implementation of automation. However, it is often the case that an organisation’s data environment is not a high quality asset. Mistakes and poor data practices such as mixed entries by different users, changes to source systems and failure to follow data rules, can lead to poor quality data which, if incorrectly relied upon, can result in bad business decisions, loss of revenue and damage to reputation.


IntoZetta has developed Horizon Quality, a highly configurable and easily deployed data quality reporting software, which transforms understanding and measurement of data quality and pinpoints the areas where data quality must improve. The software has been built with the business user in mind, it includes powerful reporting and presentation capabilities, and it brings visibility to data quality regardless of time and location via tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Horizon Quality allows organisations to measure data quality holistically or at an individual data field level, taking actions to transform data quality across the organisation. The intuitive user interface is compatible with tablets, smartphones and laptops, and the powerful reporting and presentation charts capability help to bring data quality to life for all.


● Rules Engine  ● Rules Library  ● Cleanse Groups ●  Error Groups ● Cleanse Lists ● Trent Reporting ● Financial Impact Reporting ● Process Impact Reporting ● Aged Error Reporting ● Error Ranking Reporting ● Contextual Error Reporting ● User Based Permissions ● Cleanse Performance Analysis ● Configurable Dashboard ● Report Segmentation ● Excel Output ● Simple SQL-Based Rule Creation ● Messaging and Alerts   


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