IntoZetta for Healthcare

Treat the cause, not the symptoms of unhealthy data

IntoZetta for Healthcare is the complete data management software solution for healthcare providers.

NHS Trusts

Enabling NHS Trusts to trust their data

Every day, thousands of healthcare operations generate millions of pieces of information, from A&E attendances and ambulance calls to emergency surgery and elective procedures. So making informed decisions about patient care depends on having accurate records and reliable data. 

IntoZetta for Healthcare enables you to diagnose and treat the health of your data, quickly.

Data Quality

Get an accurate diagnosis every time

Understand the impact that inaccurate data recording and reporting is having on patient care. 

Our user-friendly real-time dashboard presents information in an easy-to-understand way. So you can quickly identify data errors at source and improve your Data Quality Maturity Index (DQMI) score.

Data Governance

Restore health to your records

Build an accurate picture of the data assets you have, how data moves around your organisation, and how it’s used by different departments and processes. 

We help you visualise your entire data landscape and the complex network of connections populating systems across your organisation.

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“NHS England has worked closely with IntoZetta over the past 12 months to utilise their technology solutions and their broad cross-sector expertise to improve the quality of health data at source and reduce the burden on healthcare providers associated with correcting data quality errors.”

Andrew Heggs, Head of Data Quality at NHS England
Data Security

Trusted by those who keep the nation’s healthcare data safe

Our secure data management gives you peace of mind and can help you reduce risk, just as we do for NHS Digital.

Data Migration

Downgrade the risk of upgrading your systems

We help you migrate safely, securely, and on time.
Discover why we’re the data migration partner of choice for MS Dynamics, and why some of the largest organisations in the world have trusted us to deliver their end-to-end data migration programmes.

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Don’t let unhealthy data go untreated

IntoZetta for Healthcare helps you improve the health of your data. So you can improve the care you provide to your patients.