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We help universities, colleges, and higher education institutions graduate to a data-driven future.

Helping universities make the grade with their data

Higher education is driven by data. From maintaining student records, managing payments, and organising timetables to sourcing funding and carrying out confidential research, the challenges you face in keeping on top of your data management can be daunting. 

Our specialist software and services provide you with the data governance and data quality you need to meet your regulatory obligations, maintain student safety and drive the growth of your institution.

“Intozetta is a key component of the strategic approach adopted by the University to improving its data quality – helping to understand the journey data takes through the institutions IT landscape. Their consultants have been friendly, helpful and receptive working collaboratively with university colleagues. Intozetta is also a key part of Leeds Beckett’s transformative Data Futures Programme which will deliver more reliable, timely and accurate student data.”

Tim Hann – Data and Analytical Development Manager – Leeds Beckett University Read more data success stories
Data Quality

Examine and improve your data

IntoZetta’s powerful rules library contains over 2,000 data quality rules. So it’s easy for you to analyse data quality across your institution and pinpoint the source of incorrect information.

Data Governance

How qualified is your data management?

Build an accurate picture of the data assets you have, how data moves around your university or college, and how it’s used by different faculties and departments.
We can help you visualise your entire data landscape and the complex network of connections populating systems across your institution.

Data Migration

Downgrade the risk of upgrading your systems

We help you migrate safely, securely, and on time.

Discover why we’re the data migration partner of choice for MS Dynamics, and why some of the largest organisations in the world have trusted us to deliver their end-to-end data migration programmes.

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Data Security

Safeguarding your students’ details

Universities and colleges have an enormous amount of personal information contained within their data files – from student addresses and bank details to information about their family histories and vulnerabilities. This puts a significant burden on higher education institutions. That’s why effective data management is vital. 

IntoZetta for Higher Education helps you safeguard your students’ data. So you can safeguard your institution’s future.

HESA Data Futures

Are you ready for Data Futures?

We’ve been working with our higher education clients to develop solutions that address the changing requirements of HESA Data Futures. We can help reduce the burden on your staff and minimise the risk of manual errors.

Data Archaeology

Identifies and documents data items, sources and lineage. So you can ensure your submissions’ accuracy.

Data Consolidation

Ingests data from multiple sources – from enterprise resource planning systems to local spreadsheets.

Data Quality

Use our powerful toolset to ensure your data meets HESA’s standards for pre-submission validation.

Additional Storage

We can provide storage for additional data items you haven’t started collecting.

Submission Process

Create and submit XML outputs to HESA – as often as required.

Don’t settle for low-grade data

IntoZetta for Higher Education helps your university or college graduate to reliable and secure data management – without qualification.