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Laying the foundations for quality decision-making

A complete data management software solution for social housing providers.

Bespoke Housing Software

Specialist data management for housing management specialists

As an expert, you know that data is the lifeblood of your housing association. That poor data hinders key business activities, threatens your compliance, and poses a risk to your organisation’s reputation. Yet, getting others to see data as a core business function is often a challenge.

With IntoZetta for Housing, you can finally succeed in getting people to see data as it really is. Your housing association’s most valuable asset.

Helping housing associations get more from their data
Data Quality

Survey and repair your housing association’s data

IntoZetta for Housing creates a data fingerprint for each of your processes, from collecting rent to maintaining boilers. It helps you understand and improve data quality in the areas that matter most.

  • Accurately measure the cost of data quality, at the level of an individual item or across an entire housing process.
  • Understand where and when data quality issues are created.
  • And see what needs to change and where to focus your resources. So you can prevent the same issues from recurring and prevent tenant confidence from eroding.
Rules Library

We’ve laid the groundwork for you to set the ground rules

From tenant details to financial information and asset management data – IntoZetta for Housing helps you build a complete picture of your data quality, fast.

It comes with a pre-configured library of over 2,000 data quality rules we’ve developed with leading organisations in the sector. So that within a matter of weeks your teams can make better decisions, operate more efficiently and improve your tenants’ lives.

Housing Data Standards

Room for improvement?

Our software can be set up with the HACT Housing Data Standard data model. We can show you how close you are to meeting the standards, and where you could be doing better.

Data Governance

Put your teams’ trust in your data

Build an accurate picture of the data assets you have, how data moves around your housing association, and how it’s used by different teams and processes. 

We can help you visualise your entire data landscape and the complex network of connections populating systems across your organisation.

Get a dynamic view of your data lineage and pinpoint:

  • How tenant or property data moves between systems
  • Where data is used for management intelligence and by operational teams
  • And how information is brought together for your regulatory reporting.
Speak to an expert

“IntoZetta was very successful in connecting to systems and running through data quality business rules to check the quality of the information.  The system is intelligence led with dashboard driven statistics which a user can easily drill into to provide a view on where data quality issues are affecting processes in business streams.

The consultant from IntoZetta, a Senior Data Analyst, was extremely good at discussing the needs of Assets and Home Ownership before applying rules sets against the data.”
Richard Holland – Head of IT Systems – Notting Hill Genesis
“Right from the start IntoZetta were keen to learn how our business processes worked to produce business rules that add real value. They took on-board our suggestions, added their expertise, and helped us to tackle our data quality issues.
Working with IntoZetta has allowed us to eliminate half of our customer data quality errors. Our continued use of the “process” functionality has enabled us to transition from actively cleansing our data to monitoring data quality. This allows us to identify and fix issues when they occur.”
Jon Cocker – Chief Information Officer – Platform Housing Group

“Working with IntoZetta on our data quality assessment was great. Their knowledge of the housing sector and its data is first class making the whole process much easier and allowing us to derive far more insight from the end report. The team are friendly and professional and supported us through every stage of the process.”

Dean Ballard – Head of Customer Insight – Stonewater

“IntoZetta have proved to be an invaluable partner as we have developed on our data management journey.  Not only has the software delivered to our expectations and driven meaningful change into our business, the team at IntoZetta have supported us every step of the way.”

Paul Croston – Director of Technology, Digital & Data – Halton Housing

“Intozetta provided exceptional expertise, both in terms of resources and tools, to enable a successful and complex data migration on one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics implementations in Europe. The IntoZetta team kept in touch regularly with just the right level of governance and oversight to ensure the team delivered a successful outcome. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future.”

Chris Lalley – Programme Director – Clarion Housing Group
Data Migration

Moving on up. Moving on time

We’ve delivered end-to-end data migration projects for some of the largest organisations in the world. This includes Clarion Housing, the UK’s largest housing association. 

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Lay the foundations for better decision-making

IntoZetta for Housing helps you refine your data management processes. We help you turn your data into the fuel that powers your success, right across your housing association.