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Who are Proof of Concepts for?

Nearly all our client relationships start with a proof of concept. It’s the logical progression for any business undergoing any form of digital transformation or change management programme, where data robustness is intrinsic to the success of the programme, both in terms of deliverables and schedule.

What does success look like?

The most important aspect of any proof of concept programme is deciding what good looks like at the outset. IntoZetta can help you shape the delivery to identify a key theme or hot topic within your organisation, and ensure the message lands with sponsors and senior stakeholders at your business.

The Proven Process

An IntoZetta proof of concept can be mobilised in days, as a cost effective way to sample the benefits of IntoZetta. We create a detailed view of your in-scope data assets through profiling, quality measurement and governance metrics. A typical proof of concept timeline is 10-14 weeks.

Step 1

We agree the scope and objectives, including the Success Criteria

Step 2

We validate the data sources and preferred connection method

Once the project starts, several activities happen in parallel

Step 3

Initial workshops allow us to engage with your team and gather initial information that will form the basis of the network

Step 4

In parallel, the staging of data will be configured and IntoZetta software connected

Step 5

The population of the software follows, with a comprehensive Profile of your data, a Quality assessment based on rules created together with your SMEs, and/or IntoZetta Governance populated with data definitions and lineage, giving you a 360o view of your in-scope data assets

Step 6

Detailed reports are populated, including process and financial impact, and the age profile of every data quality issue

Step 7

We measure your data quality and provide the reporting to the project team for review and approval. At this stage, we can make any final changes

Step 8

Finally, we can host a joint presentation to project sponsors and key senior managers. This session is all about demonstrating the insight and benefits of the software, and discussing what a full implementation could look like

Connecting Your Data

All data shared with IntoZetta is subject to class leading security and typically hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud (other hosting options are available). There are three options for providing data to IntoZetta. Data is always shared securely via a staging database to ensure no additional processing load is placed on your source system(s).

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