Data Anonymization

Many organisations want to use data without risking the unintended disclosure of personal information and the damage to brand and reputation that this can cause. IntoZetta can work with you to develop a Data Anonymization strategy that ensures you remain compliant with the latest data protection legislation and maintain the privacy of personal data.


Data Archiving

It is important to differentiate between data that is actively used and managed, and data that needs to be retained and archived for future use or regulatory compliance. It is commercially inefficient to treat all data the same, and there could be significant legal implications for organisations that do not correctly archive and/or dispose of data. IntoZetta can help you to create a data archiving and deletion strategy that clearly defines the difference between active data, archive data, and deletion data.

Single View of Customer

In most organisations several departments own customer relationships, and several systems hold customer data. This situation can create difficulties if you wish to coordinate customer contact across departments or create an holistic view of the end to end customer relationship. An IntoZetta led SVoC strategy will help you to build a single aggregated view of all of the information your organisation holds on your customers. The SVoC strategy will help you to align customer contact across your organisation regardless of department and communication channel.

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

Analysing data and creating management information from a single integrated data source is an aspiration for most organisations. The reality is often a fragmented data environment that hinders data analysis, and prevents full and accurate management information and reporting. IntoZetta can help you to unlock the potential that already exists within organisational data by creating a central repository of integrated data from disparate sources across the organisation.

Data Analytics

Everyone is talking about BIG DATA. Data Analytics is a scientific extension to your marketing and customer insight activities, but it is only ever as good as the quality of your data. If a strong data management and governance capability already exists within your organisation, IntoZetta can help you to leverage your data assets and unlock new ways of delivering excellent customer service and tailored sales and marketing strategies through data science.

Management Information (MI)

Your management information strategy should be designed to meet the unique needs of your organisation. IntoZetta’s expertise can help you pull data from across your technology estate and collate it in a useful and meaningful way, ensuring that both pre-defined and ad hoc reporting needs are catered for. From MS Office based solutions, through to Big Data tools, we can guide you through the steps required to deliver information of real value to your business.

Data Architecture

Data architecture is a key enabler for clear, accurate, and consistent information and processes. IntoZetta has extensive data architecture knowledge and experience gained through many engagements across several industry sectors. IntoZetta combines a best practice data architecture approach with pragmatic, clear and scalable design, providing what you need today and allowing your organisation to plan and evolve for tomorrow.


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