The Age of Zetta: 15 Facts About Our Digital Universe


Every day, more and more people adapt to a technology-augmented lifestyle. Whether it’s tapping in on the tube with your iPhone, getting your car to park itself, or having your coffee machine automatically make you an espresso when it senses you’ve woken up, modern tech has woven itself seamlessly into our daily routines. Naturally, with an increased usage of technology, greater amounts of data are created as a result.

Below are 15 amazing facts which put into perspective just how how much of a data-driven society we have become.

1. As we touched upon in our introduction - the volume of data we create is increasing rapidly as we rely more heavily on technology in our lives. In fact, more data has been created in the past two years than ever before in our history.

2. Almost 3 zettabytes of information has been created so far - for reference, one zettabyte is the equivalent of one trillion gigabytes!

3. The previous fact is where IntoZetta gets it’s name - as we have entered the Age of Zetta in our expansion of the digital universe.

4. We currently create 2.4 billion gigabytes of new data every single day.

5. Data creation is speeding up like never before. It is predicted that by just 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second… for every human on Earth!

6. In 2014, the internet had approximately 2.4 billion users. This number has almost doubled to approximately 4.2 billion internet-users today.

7. 100 terabytes of data are uploaded to Facebook alone every single day.

8. Users upload 48 hours of new video content to YouTube every single minute.

9. Google processes upwards of 40,000 search queries every single second. This adds up to over 3.5 billion searches a day.

10. The top 5 social media sites by users are: Facebook (2.2 billion), YouTube (1.5 billion), WeChat (1.12 billion), WhatsApp (900 million) and Instagram (800 million).

11. In the last 4 years, data uploaded and downloaded from mobile devices has quadrupled to over 8 exabytes (one exabyte is one billion gigabytes).

12. By 2020, it is predicted that over 50 billion smart-devices will be in operation around the world, all creating and collecting data.

13. In the corporate world, the volume of business-related data doubles every 1.2 years.

14. Only 0.5% of created data is every analysed.

15. Poor quality data can cost businesses an average of 20-35% of their operating revenue.

As the last few facts point out, despite the volume of data that we create, it is often still an under-utilised and poorly understood aspect of business. Data should be a organisational asset which can be relied upon to make important decisions and conclusions regarding various aspects of any business or organisation, including its performance, growth and future direction.

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Dominic Eld